Monday, November 12, 2012

Final Portfolio

ALL Essays must have at least one rewrite submitted BEFORE Friday November 30.

Final Portfolio must include the following:

(1) A final reflection [label:] that includes the following:

• An analysis of your writing STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Identify with examples, and discuss how you plan to build on the strengths and work on the weaknesses.

• An analysis of your WRITING PROCESS, including how that process is effective and how you should revise that process to be a better academic writer.

• How well you have achieved the goals of the FYW as well as the goals of the "habits of mind." How could the FYW have better supported you achieving those goals? [See HEREHERE, and HERE]

(2) Select THREE of your four original essays and submit them in FINAL draft form as attachments and RANK these as1, 2, 3 in order to weight them for final grade; label as follows: