Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mid-term: Self-evaluation and reflection

Due before class October 12, 2012, as an attachment to an email:

Write a self-evaluation and reflection addressing the following (give specific evidence to all points made):

Discuss your engagement with the course so far (including your assigned texts, writing assignments, class participation). Also identify the quality of your work; please assign yourself a letter grade at the mid-term. Consider explaining how you have grown in the course so far (connect with what has prompted that growth), what you have learned from Style, and what you have learned from Dr. Thomas's class discussions/comments as well as feedback on your essay and in your conference(s). Please rate your experience with your two required texts (did you enjoy, did you learn from them, would you recommend their being assigned next FYW). Feel free to identify how the course has not supported your learning and growth, as well as what you would like to change for the second half of the course.

This self-evaluation and reflection may include any feedback you feel will enhance your success in the course and support better instruction from Dr. Thomas.

* Please identify the adaptation unit you have chosen to examine during the second half of the course.

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