Monday, December 9, 2013


FYW 1216 – Adventures with Text

FINAL EXAM: Students will submit all work in a final portfolio, including all work throughout the course and a reflective piece on the quality of your essays and your new awareness of your writing process.

Minimum Requirements for course credit:

• Submit all essays in MULTIPLE DRAFTS before the last day of the course; initial drafts and subsequent drafts should be submitted with great care, as if each is the final submission, but students are expected to participate in process writing as a minimum requirement of this course.

• Demonstrate adequate understanding of proper documentation and citation of sources through a single well-cited essay or several well-cited essays. A cited essay MUST be included in your final portfolio.

REQUIRED Final Portfolio; submit as attachments to a final email:

·      [ ] Final drafts of Essay 1, Essay 2, Essay 3, and Essay 4 (you MUST have submitted all essays as a first submission and rewrite BEFORE this final portfolio submission). Label each file as Lastname.E.#.Final.docx .Identify the THREE you want graded for your final grade.
·      [ ] Submit a final REFLECTION that discusses what you have learned about yourself as a writer, what you understand about your writing process, and what you need to continue to work on regarding your writing.
·      [ ] Attach your mid-term project and your adaptation 2 presentation.

FINAL EXAM/ portfolio DUE

FYW-1216 (01) 8:30
FYW-1216 (02) 12

***Final Schedule***

E.1, E.1RW, E.2, E.2RW, E.3, E.3RW – DUE November 21, 2014

E.4 First Submission DUE November 26, 2014 Noon

E.4RW DUE December 12, 2014 3 pm

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